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Uncover your vulnerabilities against cyber threats

The number of employees or the PCs your business has doesn’t shield it from the omnipresent threat of cyber attacks. Cyber criminals, with their constantly evolving strategies, do not discriminate. They can infiltrate businesses of any size.

It is therefore paramount for your business to proactively address the wide range of cyber security threats that can disrupt your operations. By undergoing Technologylab’s cyber security assessment, you can uncover weaknesses in your posture and take proactive steps towards creating a formidable cyber defense. This ensures that you’re doing everything possible to stay secure against the known and emerging cyber threats.

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Are your IT infrastructure and data truly safe from cyber criminals, ransomware, or sabotage from rogue employees?

Is your current backup working effectively? Can data be restored in the unfortunate event of a cyber hack or ransomware attack?

Have your employee credentials been compromised and sold on the dark web?

Know the answers to these questions and gain peace of mind.

Our free and confidential cyber security risk assessment will uncover the ways your business can be exposed to threats and bad actors on the internet. Our CyberSCORE will identify any inefficiencies and vulnerabilities within your IT system.

What can you expect after the assessment?

Essential cyber security insights

Are your IT infrastructure and data truly safe from cyber criminals, ransomware, or sabotage from rogue employees?

Better preparation against cyber attacks

Know how likely your business is to suffer from a potential cyber attack so you can stay one step ahead.

Recommendations on tailored solutions

Receive expert recommendations to bridge the gaps in your current IT setup. Our solutions are customised to your specific needs, ensuring a robust and tailored security strategy for your business.

Comprehensive reports

We provide you with a detailed report, completely free of charge, outlining the weaknesses in your IT security posture. This report offers actionable insights to remediate any identified vulnerabilities.

Measures implemented by our professional support team

If you opt for our expert assistance in implementing the recommended security measures, our skilled professionals will guide you through the process, ensuring the effective implementation of the solutions.

You may be surprised about what our cyber security risk assessment will uncover. We will prepare a FREE report on how to remediate any weaknesses in your IT security posture. And if you choose, we can assist you in its implementation.

Should you choose to implement the solutions independently, we wish you the best of luck. There are no strings attached with getting our risk assessment, but we encourage you to keep us in mind for your future projects. We are here to support your cyber security needs whenever you’re ready.

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