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Modern cloud telephone systems for business

Traditionally, the burden of purchasing and maintaining on-site telephony infrastructure has been a significant challenge for businesses, requiring substantial investment and ongoing maintenance costs. This rigid system often hinders growth and adaptability, restricting businesses from embracing modern communication trends.

Technologylab’s small business VoIP solutions address these concerns by enabling organisations to break free from the constraints of traditional systems. No more on-site telephony hardware to purchase and maintain — just one flexible monthly cost per user.

With our VoIP telephone system, your team can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, leading to unparalleled flexibility and mobility.

Transform and grow your business with our modern communication systems and ensure that your connectivity evolves with your business needs. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional telephony and embrace a future-proof, flexible communication solution tailored to enhance your business operations.

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Leverage your Microsoft 365 subscription to unlock VoIP features

Did you know that Microsoft Teams comes with an integrated business telephone system? By simply upgrading your current Microsoft 365 subscription, you can unlock features that provide your business with everything necessary for making and receiving VoIP calls. Enjoy all the functionalities of a traditional phone system, with the added convenience of online management in the cloud.

Enjoy the benefits of Technologylab’s VoIP solutions

Cost savings

Make significant reductions in business phone line and contract bills. Use your existing broadband connection to make and receive calls, and gain more savings.

Better agility

Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world on any device with just an internet connection.

No CapEx

There’s no need to make expensive upfront purchases for telephone hardware. Just pay monthly for the number of users you have.

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