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We foster seamless transitions

At Technologylab, we recognise that transitioning to a new IT support provider can initially appear daunting. We also acknowledge the frustration that comes with being dissatisfied with a service that hampers your staff and business operations.

Over time, we have observed that many business owners and managers hesitate to switch providers due to concerns regarding service transfers, contract end dates, and security, among other reasons.

We are here to address these concerns and facilitate a smooth and worry-free transition process for your business.

Our 4-step approach takes the hassle out of switching providers

We have crafted an exclusive four-step method for consulting with new businesses seeking IT support. Our approach involves handling the intricacies of the transition process. We manage the entire switch seamlessly, acting as intermediaries between you, your current support provider, and any third-party vendors you want us to engage with.

Enquiry and consultation

Assessment and proposal

Liaison with existing suppliers


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Dive deeper into our process

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Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your IT Support or IT project requirements.

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We will look at your current IT setup and infrastructure, your business goals for the coming years, the size of your business, and your current security practices. We will also take into consideration the level of support you feel that your current provider is not meeting. Using data we've gathered, we will provide you with a traffic light system report with the following codes:

  • Red - Urgently in need of improving
  • Amber - Not a current priority
  • Green - Set up and working correctly

If you decide you want us to become your new IT partner, we will liaise with your current IT provider to acquire passwords and all the information we need for a smooth transition. Once we have these, we will create documentation for this on our system. We will aso liaise with any of your third-party vendors, such as your phone system, website, and domain host providers.

This is the best bit! We will get you on board as quickly as possible so you can implement our security best practices. We’ll show you and your staff how to use our secure password manager service to store all your crucial passwords. You will also get your own client portal where most of the system activities and updates are documented.

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