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Say goodbye to inefficient and unreliable IT

Has your business outgrown your current IT guy? Are you fed up with overpaying for poor service? Are you concerned your current layers of protection are not adequate to protect your business from the next cyber attack or server crash?

If you said yes to any of these questions, Technologylab is your local choice for an IT partner.

Technologylab has over 20 years of experience providing businesses in Greater Manchester with reliable, fully managed IT support and solutions. Our clients come from a variety of sectors, from law to accounting to manufacturing to real estate. We specialise in serving organisations that have between 5 and 50 employees.

Why outsource your IT support to Technologylab?

Cost efficiency

Hiring IT personnel is expensive. With Technologylab, you can get the same level of support for a fraction of the price. You will have a dedicated team to monitor and manage your IT systems without breaking the bank.

Access to experts

Leave your IT to the IT specialists, so your employees can focus on their core responsibilities. Technologylab’s knowledgeable and experienced personnel will take care of all your support tasks.


Future-proof your business as it grows. We can help you scale up your infrastructure by adjusting your IT systems and support accordingly.

Better productivity

By proactively optimising your technology, we help you experience fewer IT problems and downtime, enabling your staff to be more productive.

With a particular emphasis on cyber security, our managed IT support services provide all the essential tech management and maintenance every business needs, regardless of its size and its infrasructure’s complexity.

Technologylab provides enterprise-level service that is well within reach of small businesses.

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What do you get from Technologylab’s support service?

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Unlimited support at a fixed price

You will get all your support needs for a fixed, predictable monthly fee. Empower your staff to request support when they need it without worrying about unexpected or costly bills.

Unmatched security

Gain peace of mind knowing that all the essential layers of security are implemented and managed so your business and staff are safe from hackers and threats such as ransomware.

Double satisfaction guarantee

We provide guaranteed response times for different types of support requests. In addition, if at any time during your first four months with us you don’t feel we are a fit for your business, we will cancel the agreement without penalty and work with you to ensure a smooth transition process. You can also keep the antivirus software for free until the end of the original term.

We provide essential tools for an overall better support experience

Next-generation antivirus

We include next-generation antivirus software for all your devices to protect your data against new and emerging threats.

Password manager

Cyber criminals often exploit weak passwords to infiltrate business networks. With our password manager, your staff will get a secure online platform to log and keep all their passwords safely. This encourages employees to create more robust and complex passwords without worry of forgetting them, as they can simply autofill passwords into login boxes with a browser extension.

Security awareness training

90% of cyber incidents stem from inadequately trained staff. Regular interactive online training by Technologylab will keep your staff up to date and aware of the latest cyber threats. This will enable them to spot and report cyber threats, effectively minimising the risk of breaches.

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