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Always stay several steps ahead of malicious actors with the help of Technologylab

If you think antivirus software alone is good enough to keep your computer systems completely safe, think again. Antivirus software is effective against established threats but may struggle to detect emerging, sophisticated, and zero-day attacks. Cyber criminals are constantly evolving their tactics, making it essential to complement antivirus solutions with more advanced and adaptive security measures.

Technologylab can ensure you have all the cyber security solutions you need to cover and protect every aspect of your IT system so you can significantly reduce your chances of falling prey to a cyber attack.

Why should your business take cyber security seriously?

By 2025, it is predicted that cyber crime will cost organisations £7 trillion worldwide.

76% of cyberattacks target small businesses. It's not just large organisations that are at risk.

If your customers’ data is exposed and your system security is found to be weak, you could be subject to steep fines as stipulated by industry regulations (GDPR) and relevant authorities (ICO).

Many insurance companies no longer provide cyber insurance unless businesses implement security measures such as multifactor authentication.

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Budgeting for cyber security is no longer optional

Regardless of size, every business that’s connected to the internet is susceptible to hackers and cyber threats
Many businesses may think that they are safe from cyber criminals because their organisations are too small to be targeted. But this is not true. These days, cyber criminals do not hesitate to target smaller businesses, as they tend to have fewer resources to protect against attacks.

Imagine coming into the office one day and finding all your files encrypted or your company data stolen because of poor security. The outlook worsens further if you are unable to restore data and resume operations.

No system is completely safe from cyber threats. However, the chances of suffering a breach can be significantly reduced by taking the appropriate measures. Technologylab can help your business minimise cyber security risks by ensuring that all areas of your IT infrastructure are secured through multiple layers of protection.

How we ensure your organisation is cyber secure

Employee cybersecurity training

We enrol your staff in an online interactive cyber security training program. A cyber aware workforce is your first line of defence against cyber crime.

Multifactor authentication

We enable multiple layers of authentication, strengthening verification methods while complying with cyber liability insurance requirements.

Secure password managers

We implement secure password managers to make it easy for your staff to use strong, complex passwords that are difficult for hackers to break.

Regular updates and
data backups

We ensure that all your software is kept up to date and that your backups are always working properly.

Active threat monitoring

We use the latest technologies to monitor for security threats. This allows us to isolate affected systems or devices from the rest of the network before the damage can spread any further.

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Will they train your staff on cybersecurity awareness?

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