Are you backing up your Microsoft 365 Data?

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Contrary to widespread belief, Microsoft DOES NOT BACKUP YOUR DATA stored in Microsoft 365 systems. This applies to your OneDrive and SharePoint data, Exchange emails, Teams.

Whilst Microsoft’s responsibility is to provide the infrastructure and ensure uptime and access to this data, the responsibility to backup the data is on you. Microsoft also states this in their services agreement under section 6. Service Availability – paragraphs a and b –

Retention Policy And Recycle Bin.

Microsoft does have some basic recoverability features in Microsoft 365. SharePoint, for example, has a Recycle Bin for deleted data. However, they are only kept in this Recycle Bin for a brief period like 30 days. Beyond this, the data is removed permanently. The same applies For Exchange email. So, if you were looking to restore a folder beyond 30 days, it would be gone permanently.
Microsoft is simply the Data processor. You, the Business are the Data Controllers/Owners.

What risks do you face when not backing up?

There is a multitude of data security risks such for example rogue admins abusing access, accidental deletion, malicious insiders, ransomware, rogue apps and hackers. Microsoft themselves could suffer a major breach which could result in loss of your data.

While human error is the number one cause of data loss, one report found that 28% of data breaches involve malware. Cyber threats to data are increasing and when data is compromised during a cyber-attack, it can be difficult to recover.

To discuss options for backing up your cloud Data stored in Microsoft or Google, please contact us.

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