Are you getting the most out of Microsoft 365?

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We regularly find that most businesses are massively under-using Microsoft 365. You yourself might be one of them. As a result, you could be paying more than needed for 3rd party tools that are already included in Microsoft 365 and not taking advantage of the built in security, collaboration tools and automation features that come with Microsoft 365.

An example if your using Microsoft 365 Business Premium is paying for Anti-virus software from another vendor like McAfee, Sophos, ESET, Bitdefender or using an email encryption service from Mimecast. These tools are ALREADY included in your subscription.

Not using Microsoft 365 to its full potential is another and here are some great features that are included that you might not be using:

Microsoft Bookings

This a feature that allows people to directly book a meeting with you and automatically syncs it to your calendar. You can send a link or have a button on your email signature that you refer people to. This avoids the scenario of going back and forth with proposed dates and times to book a meeting.

Microsoft Forms.

Another great feature that is overlooked. You can setup forms that your internal staff or customers can fill in to gather information you require. For example, a Holiday request form that your staff fill out to request dates for holidays. Once submitted this goes to the relevant person for approval or send your clients a customer survey to gather vital feedback.

Power Automate.

This is a tool that enables you to create workflows that automate repetitive tasks. This can bring many advantages mostly saving time and eliminating human error. Some examples for this would be employee onboarding, contract management, document management, approvals.

If you want to get more from Microsoft 365, gives us a call and we will be happy to help.

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